Our Staff

Our Technicians

They act as a nurse to the Doctors, and to your pets. They attend continuing education to keep there skills sharp and knowledge advancing with the constant growth of technology and medicine.

  • Stephanie
    Registered Veterinary Technician and Office Manager

    She has been working in the field since 1993 and has been licensed since 1997. She has been employed with Ripon Vet since October of 2004. In 2012 she was promoted to Office Manager, and has been growing in that position ever since. She uses her passion for people and animals to provide excellent customer service.

  • Samantha
    Registered Veterinary Technician

    She graduated from Vet Tech School in 2014. She is growing in her technical experience while working for Ripon Vet. Sam on passed her State Board Test in January 2015 became licensed. She will be using her skills assisting the doctors, as a receptionist, and as a Licensed Vet Tech.

  • Zineb
    Registered Veterinary Technician

     She has been in the field of veterinary medicine since 2005. Passing her state boards in 2016, and joining our team in 2018, she brings a lot of experience. You will see her taking care of your extended family members in many areas of the hospital.

  • Monika
    Veterinary Technician

    She has been in the field of veterinary medicine since 1998. She has been part of our team since 2014.

  • Regina
    Veterinary Assistant

    She joined us in 2018. She has a lifelong love for animals and wants to bring her passion to veterinary medicine. She is currently in school to further her education in the veterinary field and is getting ready to take her state board exam.


Meet our receptionists! They are always prepared to greet you with a smile and a helpful attitude. They work hard at expediting all of your questions to the doctors and back staff.

  • Stephanie D

    She has been employed with Ripon Veterinary Hospital since August of 2009. Established as part of the community, she works on knowing you and your pet by name.

  • Robin B

    She has joined our team in April of 2015. She has been in the field since 1996! Her goal is to make sure that your visit was pleasant and that all of your questions were answered. She strives to have excellent customer service.

  • Loretta R

    She joined us in 2018. She's been in the field since 2002!  She's eager to help you and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. Her laughter is contagious and will warm your heart.

  • Amanda B

    In 2019, Amanda joined our team with knowledge in the veterinary field and wanting to enhance her knowledge and grow. She enjoys helping direct clients with their questions and concerns for their fur-babies.

  • Ruth W
    Kennel/Vet Assistant/Receptionist

    She joined us in March of 2016 with 2 years of experience from the shelter. She wants to grow in her knowledge of veterinary medicine and combine it with her love and compassion for animals. You will see her perform various tasks throughout the hospital. To help with the expansion Ruth has excepted the challenge of learning office manger skills.

  • Cynthia Y

    Before joining our team in 2021, she worked for a Vet up in Reno and has been in the field since 2002! She prides herself in providing great customer service.

Kennel / Vet Assistants

Meet the kennel / vet assistant help. They work hard at taking care of our extended family members. These employees may be met in the room while they assist the doctor with your pet, or on an individual basis when you drop off or pick up your pet for boarding.

  • Caitlynn C
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Caitlynn's goal is to become a veterinarian. She is working through her high school years to learn as much as she can. In her spare time you will see her involved with softball.

  • Tammy K
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    She joined us in July of 2015 with a lot of experience! She has been in the field since 1998. Tammy is natural at nurturing for the care of animals. You will see her assisting the doctors in the rooms, helping with boarders, and helping with surgeries.

  • Allison M
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    She joined us in 2017. Allison comes with experience from a variety of animals since 2009. She enjoys animal behavior. You will meet her assisting the doctors in the room or helping with the boarding animals.

  • Mackenzie M
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    She joined us in 2017. We are excited to mentor her on her journey of becoming an RVT as she continues with her education. In her spare time she enjoys being in the great outdoors.

  • Aubree P
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Aubree joined us in 2020. She has been involved as a foster for many animals throughout the last 10 years. She is enjoying the hands on experience with all of the animals. In her spare time she enjoys watching baseball.

  • Jackie B
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Jackie joined our team in 2021 and is continuing her education to become a Vet Tech.

  • Hannah O
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Being new to the Vet world, she joined us in 2021 and is now inspired by the profession and going to school to continue her education in the field.

  • Cassidy M
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Cassidy joined our team in 2022 and is going to school for Agriculture Ed. Before joining us, she was active in FFA and spent her time raising pigs and cattle 

  • Danna C
    Kennel / Vet Assistant

    Danna joined out team in 2022 and was new to the field. Her knowledge of the Vet world continues to grow as she assists the Doctors and her co workers.